uovo is a collaboration of experts who share a common goal of designing exceptionally beautiful residences. This highly capable team consists of only the best in the industry, bringing years of expertise, design innovation, state-of-the-art technologies, and irrefutable passion and creativity to the table.

550 Wellington West
Accel Construction
Vibe Model Suite
Escape Design
RAW Design
Watergarden Condo
Escape Design
Seventy5 Portland
Accel Construction
The Nest
RAW Design
Waterscapes Condo
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The High Park Slaes Centre
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RAW Design

RAW Design

Winner of the Ontario Association of Architects’ award for Best Emerging Practice in 2009, RAW truly has come to the forefront of Toronto building design, creating projects that have become the benchmark for design excellence, both here and around the world.

Under the creative direction of award-winning architect Roland Rom Colthoff, RAW produces fresh, innovative designs that are unlike anything else being done in the city right now. They push the boundaries of urban form to create amazing structures that are beautiful – and beautifully sustainable.


Accel Construction
contruction manager

Accel is a team of construction experts experienced in a diverse range of projects of different sizes and complexities. Our company is built on the fundamental principles of delivering quality and honest work. We integrate new and cutting-edge building techniques and practices to reduce our client’s risk and increase their profits.

Every company is only as good as their last project and we continue to raise the bar in exceeding our client’s expectations and delivering projects on time and on budget. Over the years we have developed lasting relationships with our clients, consultants and sub-contractors. We continue to develop great relationships based on trust and commitment with each and every project we do.


esQape Design
interior designer

esQape design started with the desire to step away from clichés in interior design and search for a deeper meaning when designing interior spaces. The team thrives on creating spaces from the inside out, on creating visual impact within each space. ‘Thinking outside the box, we focus on how our design will shape people’s lives.’

esQape’s team is a mix of unique and diverse backgrounds that allows esQape Design to approach interior design from a much larger perspective than just interior design. They have the ability to shape interior space through synergy with the architectural elements and create a lifestyle within an interior space. Focused on all aspects of the design process, from concept design to final installation, esQape’s vision can be seen in many of Canada’s well known residential developments and has been the recipient of prestigious design awards (BILD, ARIDO, OHBA).


Milborne Group
sales and marketing

Milborne Group is the industry leader in the promotion and sale of new condominium projects. Our track record includes small boutique buildings up to large point towers, resort and recreational properties, hotel condominiums, freehold and stacked townhomes as well as large masterplanned communities. We have succeeded in all market conditions throughout Toronto and beyond. The first company to market a multi-phase project, Milborne Group has the greatest experience in large-scale urban masterplanned, mixed-use multi-phase communities.


The Sher Corporation
project manager

Sher knows condos. Run by a team of experienced development consultants, this is a team that has been involved in the design, development and marketing of dozens of Toronto’s most notable communities for over two decades.

That experience has taught them exactly what sophisticated buyers want – and how to provide it. For that reason, Sher focuses on quality infill sites in the city, with residences that complement and enhance the architectural landscape of their neighbourhoods.

Armed with a strong understanding of urban design and a clear sense of progressive modernism, their focus is on developing a quality residential product that seamlessly fuses with its surroundings while pushing the design envelope.

Founder, Shakeel Walji, brings over 25 years of experience in the real estate market. He combines his comprehensive knowledge of development, his technical engineering background and finely honed design skills to meet every facet of a project, from desire to idea, concept to execution.


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